This project module examines new challenges in the field of extremism prevention, beyond the topic of right-wing extremism. First and foremost, the focus is on the two areas identified in current public debate as "Islamic fundamentalism/Islamic extremism" and "Left-wing radicalism/Left-wing extremism". The purpose of the project module is to map the inner logic of these new fields for action, to identify their common features and unique characteristics, and to define the pedagogical challenges they present for working with young people. The project aims to produce evidence-based findings and recommendations on the topic, which can be passed on to practitioners and policy-makers to aid them in their decisions; it also aims to promote the exchange of specialist academic knowledge, both within Germany and with other European countries. This activity will also investigate the extent to which tools developed from experience in preventing right-wing extremism are applicable to these new fields of prevention.
The project module is attached to the Center for the Prevention of Right-Wing Extremism and Xenophobia.


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