Overview of the entire project

Project concept:

On behalf of the BMFSFJ, the DJI conducted an additional survey to AID:A 2009 in preparation for the KiföG Report 2011, which on the one hand covers the childcare situation in the panel of children 1.5 to 3 years at the new survey date and on the other hand includes a new survey of children 0.5 - 1.5 years at this date. This additional study, a parent survey with children aged 0 to under 3 years, is intended to examine the following aspects in particular in greater detail:

  • Use of childcare offers (institutional but also private) for children under three years
  • The parents' reasons for using or not using the institutional childcare offer
  • Parents' wishes and demands on childcare offers (quality and quantity)
  • Current and future childcare demand in Germany for this age group

With the help of the data already available and the additional sample to be newly collected, AID:A offers the possibility to further describe the childcare wishes and demands expressed by the parents at that time for the children older than 1.5 years at the time of the survey who were already surveyed for the first time in 2009. It is also possible to analyze for the first time to what extent wishes (spring 2009) and realization (fall 2010) are related.

further information

After consultation with the BMFSFJ, the expected results should make valid statements possible about how the attitudes and demands of parents can be differentiated according to the following dimensions that are to be described and analyzed.

  • Age of parents
  • Type of partnership of parents (including single parents)
  • Language use in the household (German/non-German) or with/without migration background
  • Parents' educational/training attainment
  • Parents' employment status and scope of employment
  • Allocation of households to income categories
  • Type of childcare for children under three years of age (daycare facilities and daycare personnel)
  • Place of residence by region type (at least urban/rural)
  • Place of residence by East/West Germany