ICOVET has three main objectives

  1. To develop methods (an instruments) that make visible (validate) competences that are of relevance to vocational education and training (VET), competences that are acquired by disadvantaged youth through processes of non-formal or informal learning.
  2. To develop strategies/methods/concepts of how these competences can be systematically used in vocational education and training (and in preparation for vocational education and training).
  3. To develop and test a train-the-trainer module that will enable training or teaching personnel to systematically use these competences in vocational education and training and in preparation for vocational education and training.

To meet these objectives, ten partners from six European countries will take the following steps:

  • examine existing strategies and instruments of validation,
  • on this base: design and test an instrument that is appropriate for our target group,
  • develop and test strategies of how this instrument and insight gained through application of this instrument may be effectively used in VET.

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