The ‘School and Partners: Practical School Cooperation’ at a database at the DJI is supported by the BMBF in the context of the ‘Future Education and Care’ investment programme (Investitionsprogramm Zukunf,t Bildung und Betreuung, IZBB) and by the European Social Fund (ESF). Experience in cooperation between schools and after-school services is being identified, described and documented in the database in the form of relevant practical examples, in order to obtain ideas and suggestions for ways of designing similar cooperation projects in the context of all-day schools.
The database is based on a national questionnaire on all-day schools at the primary and lower/middle school levels. It provides information on the content and conceptual approach of cooperation projects, the partners involved, the financial models, the effects obtained and the conditions required for successful cooperation. In the first phase of the database project (2004–06), approximately 1.000 schools were contacted in writing, and 200 head teachers from these were asked more in-depth questions. With further research and inquiries, it is intended that the database will include a total of 330 examples of cooperation by the end of 2009.


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