Research database

Data from DJI surveys for research

The DJI Research Database (previously: Online Survey Database) contains information acquired from the DJI’s major longitudinal studies. This includes data sets from the survey ‘Growing up in Germany: Everyday Worlds – AID:A’ (2009ff.) and from the Family Survey (1986-2000), Youth Survey (1997-2003) and Children's Panel (2002-2005) (all in german language).

The DJI makes the data sets and documentations of its studies available to the professional public via a standardized and easy-to-use user interface. The research database is the central element of the DJI research data centre.

This online facility enables retrieval of question texts and information on variables by means of a global full-text search of all data sets. Key indicators and codes are available for all variables. Comparable variables in different data sets and studies are easy to find by means of references.

Data sets and documents can be downloaded for scientific purposes after online registration. Details regarding the use of data are set out in the General Data Provision and Data Usage Agreement for DJI Research Data.