Scientific supervision of the pilot programme ‘We take care by ourselves’

A program for developing local potentials for early crime prevention among children and young people
Period: 15 December 2004 – 30 June 2008

The pilot programme ‘We take care by ourselves’

This pilot programme is testing new ways of managing conflicts, which are located in the public sphere. The focus is on conflicts in which children and young people are involved. For example territorial disputes between various groups of young people, and disputes between young people and adults about the use of public places.

Scientific supervision

The German Youth Institute in Munich is concerned with the scientific supervision of the project ‘We take care by ourselves’. The emphasis in the research is on the empirical examination of the ways in which the programme is put into practice and on embedding the programme into relevant professional contexts.
The empirical study is divided into three areas:

1. Attainment of communities ready to realize the programme locally

2. Implementation of the programme into the communities

3. Process of conflict management

Various socio-scientific methods are used, ranging from semi-standardized interviews to guideline-supported interviews, participant observation, and document analysis.
The scientific supervision ensures moreover that the programme will nationally and internationally be integrated into professional debates. Hereby the focus is on practical approaches and projects in relevant subject areas such as conflict management and crime prevention.


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