The overarching aim of the project module "New Challenges in the Pedagogical Prevention of Extremism among Young People" is to map the outlines and inner logic of social phenomena new to extremism prevention, to identify their common features and unique characteristics, and to define the pedagogical challenges they present for working with young people. On this basis, the project aims to produce evidence-based findings and recommendations on the topic, which can be passed on to practitioners and to policy-makers to aid them in their decisions; it also aims to promote the exchange of specialist academic knowledge.

This also includes investigating the extent to which tools developed from experience in preventing right-wing extremism are applicable to these new fields. Tools such as anti-prejudice education, initiatives to encourage democracy, biographical work or socio-spatial approaches have so far been developed and deployed in the context of preventing right-wing extremism, and they also appear relevant in the prevention of other forms of extremism. Therefore, considering and evaluating this background will also be part of the task of assessing and documenting these "new" topic areas.