The first National Education Report, published in 2006, shows that the paths to vocational training and employment have become increasingly complicated in recent years for young people attending secondary modern school [Hauptschule]. In order to enter vocational training and obtain marketable qualifications, these young people usually have to complete longer sequences of intermediate steps between the end of the compulsory schooling and the beginning of regular vocational education and training. To provide educational policy-makers with information about the educational and training routes taken by young people with secondary modern school education, the German Youth Institute [Deutsche Jugendinstitut, DJI] is conducting a national longitudinal study on the paths these young people take. The “DJI Transition Panel” is designed as a ‘genuine panel’ with a total of ten waves of interviewing between the spring of 2004 and the autumn of 2009. Initial results are already available with regard to both content and methodology.


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