Research Department J4 “Political socialization and the promotion of democracy” looks at the processes of political socialization during adolescence and at the potential of youth policy and education to promote successful political socialization so as to confront and prevent the development of hostile, anti-democratic and violent tendencies.

The department is currently running a number of projects dedicated to strengthening democratic attitudes and preventing young people from developing politically radicalized and hostile attitudes and forms of behaviour. Some of these projects, due for completion at the end of 2019, collect and systematize existing knowledge from research and practice – relating both to radicalization processes and their pedagogical prevention – and offer forums for professional debate. Other projects support and evaluate national programmes involved with developing and testing new methods and approaches in professional practice for promoting democracy and preventing political radicalization.

The aim is to expand this perspective in future through projects that look into the various dimensions of political socialization during adolescence – adopting a research perspective that specifically focuses on the opportunities and challenges during adolescence as well as the point of view of the young people themselves. Another aim is to examine the impact of key aspects such as gender and migration on political socialization processes.


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