Strategies for countering social exclusion and promoting the social integration of marginalized young people have been developed and tested mainly in local initiatives and projects. However, it is often difficult for those involved in practical work to access and make further use of the experience and insights gained in these pilot projects.. In the context of this project, a database is being established that will be accessible via the DJI web site to policy makers and educators in child and youth welfare. The database presents ‘good examples’ of innovative projects to promote the social integration of marginalized young people. The SINTEGRA database is intended to make it easier to obtain and exchange information and to promote communicative networks in the intended practical fields. It will document social education approaches for integrating pupils who refuse school, young people from socially deprived areas and structurally weak regions, young people with no fixed abode and young offenders, young people with an immigrant background and young people with handicaps.


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