The ERiK subdivision "Survey Methodology and Data Management" focuses on four areas of work:

  •     the (further) development of survey and sampling strategies,
  •     the (further) development of the infrastructure for survey implementation and reporting,
  •     the associated data management and methodological research.

1. Survey and sampling strategies:

This ERiK subdivision aims to continuously improve the survey designs and methods employed in the ERiK surveys based on the constantly evolving status quo of the research field of social science surveys. The team aims to generate representative samples for the six ERiK surveys and takes into account the varying conditions in times of the Corona pandemic. Special attention is paid to the development of a survey and sampling design for the survey of children. The survey and sampling strategies are closely coordinated with the DJI projects "KiBS" (DJI Childcare Study) and the "Corona-Kita-Studie" (Research about the challenges of progressive opening of child day-care and acute respiratory illness during the Corona pandemic).

2. Infrastructure for study implementation and reporting:

The data management subdivision creates (partially) automated processes that for example allow for an automated quality control of the questionnaire generation. Furthermore, the subdivision defines the technical details of the study design and implementation (such as questionnaire development and field monitoring), as well as provides the technical field controlling (such as questionnaire programming and testing). In addition, the subdivision supports the communication with the survey institutes. In the course of coordinating the various studies with each other, the subdivision develops procedures that make reporting, including preparation, implementation, evaluation and processing of the studies in the monitoring project more efficient. This includes, for example, standards and (semi-) automated routines for generating tables and graphics for the research report.

3. Data management:

Another core task of the subdivision is the conceptual and technical (further) development of a data management concept, in collaboration with the two survey institutes that have been commissioned to conduct the studies. The data management concept defines procedures and standards for all steps of the various surveys, such as for linkability, creation and implementation of data cleansing and processing, as well as standardised nomenclatures for data documentation (ID concept, label concept). In addition, the subdivision - in continuous consultation with the DJI Research Database at the DJI - provides a structure for data storage, evaluation and documentation in ERiK, and checks the data quality at regular intervals during the field periods as well as manages the data processing of the ERiK project.

4. Methodological research:

The data management subdivision also includes the initiation and implementation of research projects to test methodological innovations as well as the publication or presentation of the (empirical) substantive and methodological results of the various surveys of the ERiK project through publications in (international) journals and presentation of the results at scientific conferences.


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