Alles eine Frage der Opportunität, oder nicht?

Schier, Michaela/Hubert, Sandra (2015):
Alles eine Frage der Opportunität, oder nicht? Multilokalität und Wohnentfernung nach Trennung und Scheidung.
In: Journal of Family Research
Jahrg.: 27, H. 1, S. 3-31

The occurrence of arrangements within which the children keep in close contact with both parents after they split up has strongly risen. It is well known that spatial proximity between the parental homes facilitates multi-locality, but does not determine it. However, there is a shortage of analyses going beyond the opportunity structure effect. Hence, our article, on the one hand, tries to identify factors promoting multi-local everyday life as well as mediating the negative correlation between spatial distance and multi-local life. On the other hand, we ask how residential distance moderates the relation between multi-locality and these characteristics. Referring to family economics, the theory of resources, and time-geographical considerations regressions using the DJI-survey AID:A show that the opportunity structure thesis possesses high explanatory power, but does not go far enough. Shared legal custody, higher maternal education, a higher age of the children at parental separation as well as a young current age are strongly positively correlated with multi-locality, whereas low economic resources are negatively correlated. Mediating effects could not be documented. Spatial distance, however, partially moderates the meaning of diverse factors for multi-locality.