Familiy skills as a potential source of innovative human resources development

Gerzer-Sass, Annemarie/Sass, Jürgen
In: Deutsches Jugendinstitut (Hrsg.) (2002):
Familiy skills as a potential source of innovative human resources development.
München Deutsches Jugendinstitut
This paper introduces the "skills balance" tool, which was developed within the scope of a
research project. With the help of this tool, the project aims to utilise family-related
qualification potentials for the purposes of corporate human resources development. To this
end, family work and informal skills gained outside the workplace need to be recognised
within the corporate context. The skills balance thus provides corporate human resources
development with a tool enabling recognition of employee skills, especially those acquired in
family life, and exploiting the competencies potential associated therewith. In this way, the
skills balance is embedded in the discussion surrounding the goal of finding better ways of
combining family life and parental employment and is seen as a building-block helping to
achieve a fairer distribution of family-related tasks and employment between the genders.

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