Prevention of Youth Crime in Germany: Educational Strategies

Arbeitsstelle Kinder- und Jugendkriminalitätsprävention/Centre for the Prevention of Youth Crime (Hrsg.) (2004):
Prevention of Youth Crime in Germany: Educational Strategies. Trends, Experiences and Approaches.
München Deutsches Jugendinstitut
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During the last decade prevention of youth crime has become an increasing topic in European networking. Different from e.g. the United Kingdom or the Scandinavia developments and approaches in most other European countries have been at the margin of debates. One main reason was that most international discourses in this field had been held in English. To overcome this gap the Centre for the Prevention of Youth Crime at the German Youth Institute offer different articles about German youth crime prevention translated into English which have been published in Germany during the last five years. The range of contributions includes debates about crime prevention strategies and theoretical foundations from a socio-educational perspective, articles describing practice in selected areas and information about the legal framework. This broad range should support more detailed discussions of approaches to prevent crime among children and young people in Europe and beyond.