More “Europe” in Municipal Policy Structures?

Tom Chevalier/Patricia Loncle (Hrsg.): Hofmann-van de Poll, Frederike/Pelzer, Marit (2021):
More “Europe” in Municipal Policy Structures? Anchoring European Youth Policy at the Municipal Level in Germany.
In: Youth and Globalization, H. 3, S. 109-134

Against the background of the implementation of the EU Youth Strategy (2010–2018) in Germany, the article explores the question of how European youth policy can be anchored at the municipal level. The article discusses (1) federal and regional efforts to incorporate the municipal level in implementing European youth policy, (2) arising challenges and (3) the significance of European policy for national, regional and municipal youth policy. Results suggest that although the involved actors stipulate the importance of municipal level involvement in designing the implementation of the EU Youth Strategy in Germany, the Strategy is actually implemented as a top-down strategy in which the municipal level receives impulses from other levels, rather than being incorporated in policy development. The article concludes that, in order to successfully strengthening European impulses in subnational youth welfare discourses, mutual understanding and dialogue between levels is just as necessary as a content-related rather than process-related discussion.