Child Welfare and Child Endangerment

Galm, Beate/Herzig, Sabine/Lillig, Susanna/Stötzel, Manuela
In: Centre for the Prevention of Youth Crime (Hrsg.) (2009):
Child Welfare and Child Endangerment. Strategies of Violence Prevention in the Familial Context in Germany. Deutsches Jugendinstitut
  • Neglect, psychological and physical child maltreatment and sexual abuse
    • Extent - risk Constellations - consequential problems
  • Legislative framework
  • Professional practice-based strategies for the preventino of child endangerment
    • Programmes offered by the Child and Youth Services
    • Specific strategies for early recognition and for preventive assistance
  • Overlapping political strategies
  • The need for further development and conclusions related to child protection
    • Practice - general requirements
    • Practice - particular requirements in the collaborative work with families who habe high levels of psychosocially stress and neglect or violence problems
    • Preconditions for sustainable accessibility
    • Practice - particular requirements for the collaboration with families from an immigrant background
    • Research
  • Summary
  • Literature