Directors / pedagogical staff at day-care centres

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Participation in the 2022 survey of directors/ pedagogical staff of day-care centres 2022
The day-care centres selected to participate in this year's study are a random sample of all day-care centres in Germany. Such random selection ensures that the survey results are valid for the target population of day-care centres in Germany without relying on the participation of all day-care centres.
If your day-care centre has been selected for participation, you will be informed by the infas Institute.

Incentive for survey participation:

With the invitation to participate, the day-care centres receive seed bags with various herb and vegetable seeds. All participating facilities will also receive a "Mini-Garden Starter Set" for the garden, windowsill or balcony as a small thank you.
The set contains a variety of additional herb and vegetable seeds as well as growing soil and a wooden seed tray. It is produced by the Leipzig-based start-up "OwnGrown" with the support of the workshop for people with a disability of the Christian Social Work "St. Michael" in Leipzig/Meusdorf.
Contact persons at the infas Institute:                            

Should you have additional questions or like more information about the study, please contact the infas Institute for Applied Social Science. Please use the e-mail address Alternatively, you can reach a contact person at infas during regular office hours under the toll-free phone number 0800/7384 500. Your enquiry will be processed as quickly as possible.                                                                                                  


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