The Research Department “Pedagogical concepts for childhood” is concerned with developing, testing, evaluating and disseminating early education concepts, approaches and programmes. Non-family care is becoming increasingly important to how children grow up. In view of this, the focus is on educational practice in institutions, looking at daycare facilities, day nurseries and child-minding as well as after-school care facilities and all-day primary schools. The age group of the three to six-year-olds is of interest here, as well as that of children aged under three.

The department’s research and development adopts the perspective of children as active participants and protagonists involved in shaping their own development. Education is seen as a process of active interaction on the part of the child with their social, cultural and natural environment, facilitated by enriching surroundings and relationships with other people, both adults and children.

Work is currently focused on the development and empirical testing of practical action and qualification concepts for early educational practice. For this reason, the issue of language education for children under three is at the heart of current projects. The department is committed to developing educational concepts that are scientifically underpinned, thereby meeting the growing need for evidence-based action concepts.


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