Research Department F2 "Family policy and family support” pursues the question of what framework conditions are created for families by the state, society and market/economy, evaluating whether and how these support families in leading their lives. The focus is on matching family needs with the policies, conditions of employment and programmes offered by public service providers at national, regional and local level as well as by independent organizations (such as churches and social welfare institutions) and civil society.

The department looks at what programmes and services exist to support families, how they are used by families and how they might be developed with the aim of providing children, women and men with more needs-oriented support through policy in the area of finance, infrastructure and time organization. It also observes changes in the system of family policy measures, analysing any ambivalences in the benefits system and examining the legal framework that impacts on family life (‘doing family’).

Another particular relevant area  is the immediate social environment: after all, family living quality is highly influenced by the structures available locally. The department’s projects are currently focused mainly on aspects of family education and issues relating to child daycare.


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