The Research Department "Life situations and living environments of children” undertakes a differentiated description and analysis of children's life situations. A fundamental principle here is the perspective of children themselves as active participants and protagonists involved in shaping their own development. This perspective is used to focus on children's lifestyles, everyday experiences and form of participation. Contextual factors applicable to growing up are also considered here, whereby the family has a particularly important role to play as the central agent of socialization.

A key source of data is the DJI survey “Growing up in Germany: Everyday Worlds (AID:A)". In addition to the conditions in which children grow up, their key attachment figures and social relationships, their scope for action and the activities they engage in, the focus of analysis here is on children's quality of living, their needs and their well-being.

Another thematic focus is the area of media usage, looking at media behaviour in children such as the use of child search engines and the role of mobile digital media (apps). Key importance is also attached to the need for parental action and aspects of child protection.
Issues such as the rights of all children to healthy development, education, participation and involvement – also in the sense of a fully comprehensive concept of inclusion – are treated as part of research projects and are also the subject of observation and support in connection with the relevant conventions and political strategies.


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