The Central Administration manages the Administrative Affairs and is divided into the areas of finance, personnel, information technology, internal service and library.

The tasks include the financial, personnel, legal and technical spectrum of a major Social Sciences Institute.

The department of finance includes the planning and control of budgets, the application, processing, and management of third-party funds, financial accounting, the preparation of the annual financial statements and reporting including the audit reports. The third-party fund management advises scientists and scientists from the administrative perspective.

The Human Resources department is responsible for all tasks in this respective field, e.g. employment contracts, application procedures, payroll accounting, business trips, collective bargaining law.

The IT department provides the staff with access to modern information and communication technologies. In addition to all questions concerning servers, network, hardware and software facilities it advises and supports the scientific departments in the selection and establishment of individual computer and software solutions for research projects.

The department for internal services is responsible for the entire office management, building management, safety at work, occupational health, the procurement procedures incl. the national and EU-wide assignment procedures as well as the other support areas like post room, reception desk, telephone exchange.

The library is the central service facility for employees for efficient, quick and tailored information that covers the range of research, practice, and policy advice. The stock is predominantly social-scientific and education oriented. Extensive service offerings complement and facilitate the access to the numerous printed and electronic information resources.

Head of Department

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Deutsches Jugendinstitut
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