Political Participation of Young People and Democracy in Europe

Rottach, Andreas/Wielath, Svenja/Hofmann-van de Poll, Frederike/Goebel, Gloria (2022):
Political Participation of Young People and Democracy in Europe. Literature Review and Overview of Quantitative International Data-bases.
The promotion of democratic awareness and democratic values among young people in Europe is an important goal of European youth policy. In various documents on democracy and young people, European institutions assume that increased participa-tion among young people results in strengthening a democratic Europe. Measuring democratic values and participation of young people is therefore a core element of European evidence-based policy, resulting in a massive body of studies that address statistical relationships between participation, democracy and young people. This brings up the question of how guiding concepts like participation, democratic attitude, political interest and civic citizenship are measured and are compared at the European level. This working paper is part of an ongoing research project to find answers to these questions and in this sense can give first or preliminary answers.