DJI Impulse is the research magazine issued by the German Youth Institute (DJI). It is published four times a year in German and has a circulation of 13,000. The magazine is aimed at an interdisciplinary readership including representatives from politics, field practice, the academic world and the media. Every issue of DJI Impulse is dedicated to a specific central theme and contains topical short reports and articles from the various fields of research – based on scientific findings and written in clear and comprehensible language.

Researchers from the institute along with distinguished colleagues from other academic bodies provide input about current research findings. This allows readers to gain a first-hand insight into the issues being addressed by social scientists and the challenges involved, in particular with respect to the family, youth, childhood, migration and education.

The English edition of the magazine was previously published on an annual basis. In 2016, the print version was discontinued in favour of an English blog, on which the DJI posts a collection of relevant international analyses and interviews taken from its research magazine.

Anyone wishing to order or subscribe to the free German print edition of DJI Impulse can do so by emailing

DJI Impulse
English Edition 2014:
Living and surviving


DJI Impulse
English Edition 2013:
Youth in Germany

DJI Impulse 2013: Youth in Germany

DJI Impulse
English Edition 2012:

DJI Impulse
English Edition 2011:
Growing up in Germany

DJI Bulletin
English Edition 2010:
Family experiment

DJI Bulletin
English Edition 2008:
Youth in Europe

DJI Bulletin
English Edition 2005:
Good news

DJI Bulletin
English Edition 2004:
Gender mainstreaming

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