Qualitative Data Collections: Developments in non-residential socio-educational services

This qualitative study will run from 2011-2013. Over the last few years, one could see many changes in the field of non-residential socio-educational services for children and youth. The number of individual cases has increased but the time the professional has for a case, has decreased. After a period of differentiation non-residential socio-educational services have become less differentiated while at the same time the services have become more flexible. The study explores the following questions:

  • How do current professional concepts and practises reflect the changes in current basic conditions and living situations?
  • How do the requirements for the professional change?
  • Does the target group of non-residential socio-educational services change?
  • What is the effect of the changes upon the quality of the support?


Methodological Approach:

Qualitative interviews will be done with professionals of public and voluntary youth service agencies. These interviews will be held with professionals who manage and develop non-residential socio-educational services as well as professionals who work with families and youth.
If necessary, interviews will also be conducted with other relevant personnel on location.


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