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Hannah Sinja Steinberg, MA


Hannah Sinja Steinberg, MA
Hannah Sinja Steinberg
+49 89 62306-426
Deutsches Jugendinstitut
Nockherstr. 2
81541 München

Bildungssoziologie, Bildungsungleichheiten, Rational Choice Theory, Bounded Rationality, quantitative Methoden

Working Paper & Publikationen:
Steinberg, H. S. & Kleinert, C. (2022): Timing of early childcare take-up in Germany: An application of rational choice theory. Journal of Marriage and Family.
Ghosh, S. & Steinberg, H. (2022): Parents’ attitudes and unequal opportunities in early childhood development: Evidence from Eastern India.  Journal of Early Childhood Research.
Schueller S. & Steinberg, H. S.(2021): Parents under Stress–Evaluating Emergency Childcare Policies during the First Covid-19 Lockdown in Germany. CESifo Working Paper No. 9077, IZA Discussion Paper No. 14359, Covid Economics 79, 117–151.
Steinberg, H. & Kleinert, C. (2019). Deciding on the timing of early public childcare in Germany. An application of rational choice theory. Pre-print version available.
Steinberg, H. & Hoenig, K. (2018). Measuring rational educational choices in NEPS (NEPS survey paper no.49). Bamberg, Germany: Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories. National Educational Panel Study.


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