Report on Strategies of Violence Prevention

With their Decision dated 26th June 2003, the Head of the State Governments (henceforth MPK) re-emphasised that following the dreadful events at the Gutenberg Gymnasium in Erfurt, the entire social alliance for the rejection of violence and its glorification must be supported at the highest political levels.

It was demanded that there be improved co-operation and co-ordination between all the public bodies and institutions concerned with this area and its various multiple aspects; the German Youth Institute (henceforth DJI) and the Program for Police Orientated Crime Prevention by the Federal Government and the States (henceforth ProPK) were to be thoroughly involved. The German Forum for Crime Prevention (henceforth DFK) was requested to initiate the necessary discussions, networks and co-operative arrangements.

Due to this decision an elaborated report on the status of violence prevention in the age of youth and adolescents was written under the lead management of the “Centre of the Prevention of Youth Crime” at the DJI. The report is focused on six subjects:
• family
• child day-care
• out-of-school services for youth
• schools
• police
• justice system.

While working on the report the DJI, DFK and ProPK developed a "Briefing on the Status of Violence Prevention in Germany together with Central Requirements for Establishment of Sustainable Structures". It was presented to the MPK in October 2006 and appreciatively noted.

This extensive report, edited by the Centre for the Prevention of Youth Crime, will be translated and posted on this website part by part:

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