The uncovering of the murders committed by the Neo-Nazi cell „National Socialist Underground“, the continuously high share of xenophobic offenses, but also far-right and xenophobic attitudes among the total population indicate that dealing with right-wing extremism and xenophobia in Germany is as relevant as ever. Pedagogical work is currently being challenged by recent phenomena such as islamophobia, antiziganism or new forms of antisemitism. But also the growing relevance of new media for young people’s information and communication behaviour on the one hand and for far-right recruitment efforts on the other pose new challenges to pedagogical practice.

In addition, other antidemocratic and misanthropic phenomena – at present particularly (violent) salafism and jihadism – have also become a focus of pedagogical work in Germany. Especially such developments represent new and specific challenges to social workers and youth workers, the more so as well-founded knowledge on these phenomena is still rare in the German context.

The purpose of the Research Unit for the Prevention of Right-Wing Extremism and Radicalization is to generate and provide professional knowledge for academia, pedagogical work and politics. Its special focus lies on youth-specific dimensions of the phenomena and on practical knowledge gained from pedagogical work.

The project’s activities include:

  • systematic compilations of existing finding
  • qualitative research on issues relevant to pedagogical work
  • stimulating national and international exchange across professions and disciplines
  • transmission of knowledge and findings to pedagogical work
  • providing advice to pedagogical work, politics and other relevant professions

The Reseach Unit has been working on issues in the field of right-wing extremism and xenophobia since the year 2000. Starting in 2011, it has also focused on (violent) Islamist radicalization processes, at first in a sub-project . From 2015, both fields of research will be combined in one joint project under the name of Research Unit for Prevention of Right-Wing Extremism and Radicalization.

The findings of the project are available as print and digital copies. Project publications can be downloaded here, other relevant publications of the team members can be found here. 


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