Social, political, and economical macro-drivers for youth mobility in Europe.

Dabasi-Halász, Zsuzsanna/Hemming, Karen/Ilyés, Csaba/Manafi, Ioana/Roman, Monica/Siposné, Nándori Eszter/Tillmann, Frank
Social, political, and economical macro-drivers for youth mobility in Europe. A secondary macro-analysis.
University of Bucharest Bukarest "ESA RN 35 “Sociology of Migration” – Midterm Conference." 02.09.2016
Research on young people’s cross-border geographic mobility within Europe is limited. However, young mobile people can be a driving force for smart, sustainable and economic growth and therewith promote the further integration of the EU. The paper examines the role of macro level indicators in the sectors economy, state, and society in shaping youth mobility among the EU-28 and EFTA countries with a secondary macro analyses. Based on a heuristic theoretical model causes of incoming and out-going youth mobility in Europe will be analysed. The used macro-datasets derived from different sources: 1) Macro-drivers of mobility (EUROSTAT, OECD); 2) Youth migration data (aggregated data from yearly EU-LFS-datasets). The secondary data was collected within the MOVE project for the period of 2004-2013 and will be analysed using time series and panel analyses. Preliminary cross-sectional analyses confirm the theoretical structure of the developed model, revealing relationships between incoming and out-going youth mobility and all three sectors. However, the results also highlight the fact that the indicators differ for explaining incoming and out-going youth mobility. Hence, different push- and pull-factors of mobility have to be taken into consideration. As the statistical modelling is still ongoing, the final results will be presented at the conference.

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