The Programme

The Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ) has initiated a model programme named "Further Development of Care Planning". Developing the care planning process with special attention to the aspect of co-operation between youth welfare offices and voluntary organisations is the main focus of this project.

The programme consists of several parts. One part of the programme is a project situated at the German Youth Institute (DJI) which is in charge of the co-ordination and moderation of the programme. The task is to co-ordinate all parties involved and to portray and present the programme into the public.

The main element of the programme is a model project which tests new ideas at four different sites. The model project is located at the University of Koblenz, Pedagogical seminar (Prof. Dr. Christian Schrapper) and is conducted in co-operation with the following institutes: with ISA in Oranienburg, ISM in Mainz and SPI in Munich. By this project design all the experiences and contacts of the different institutes can provide information for the model project. Apart from this, a group of experts who are involved in the matter of care planning from different perspectives will be engaged in the topic. This group will provide stimuli and suggestions for the design of the model programme on the one hand and will participate actively in the professional debates and will take position in controversies on the other.

Further projects concerning special aspects of care planning will be carried out in the course of the duration of the model programme. In addition, activities like a symposium or publications are planned.


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