The FamCompass will extensively deal with the types of knowledge, skills and competencies, required in the formal training programmes in social work related to families, care and childcare. The project will develop a portfolio instrument to assess and validate the knowledge, skills and attitudes men and women have obtained in family life, in their roles as educators, home makers and care workers. The portfolio methodology allows for a well documented and objective basis for the individual planning of training and / or work careers. Such a tool can be the basis for the official certification.

The FamCompass will be used on several levels:

  • to coach the intake for relevant education and training programs,
  • to grant exemption from exams and facilitate shorter schooling careers,
  • to allow the validation of these skills and competencies on the labour market in the sectors of care and childcare.

The FamCompass can be of particular use for:

  • institutes offering training programmes that seek to attract more adult learners in several fields, e. g. education/orthopedagogica, social work/psychosocial work, family coaching and assistance, foster care, teacher assistance, family learning, street corner work, etc.,
  • adult learners who want to apply for these training programmes, in view of possible employment in these professions,
  • employers in these sectors,
  • centres for job coaching.

The FamCompass will help lower the barriers to lifelong learning programmes for target groups that currently face a low participation in schooling programmes, e. g. women, elder citizens and immigrants and increase their employability and career opportunities.