What is the survey of children of the ERiK-Surveys 2022 about?

The survey of children, conducted in the spring and summer of 2022, is the first nationwide survey that collects data on how children of the age four and older perceive a number of selected quality aspects of the daycare they attend prior to starting primary school. The objective is to let the children themselves speak to their experiences, in the hopes of learning more about their everyday lives and their perspectives on daycare. To this end, a child-friendly and playful interview method is employed to interview approximately 600 children in person at their day-care centre. In addition, the subjective view of parents on their child's daycare is examined.

How does the survey of children of the ERiK-Surveys 2022 work?

A random sample is drawn from the group of day-care centres that have already participated in the ERiK Surveys 2020, and invited to participate in the ERiK survey of children. The survey is conducted as follows:
The director of the day-care centre responds to an abbreviated version of the ERiK-survey for directors of day-care centres. In addition, the day-care centre distributes invitations to all parents of children at their day-care centre that are of the ages 4 and older.  
The invited parents answer a questionnaire online and give consent for their child to participate in the survey. A trained interviewer comes to the day-care centre to interview the children in person. They first arrange a "warm-up phase" with the participating children to give the children the opportunity to get to know the interviewer in their familiar environment. Then the children are interviewed one by one using a playful method.

I was invited to participate in the study. Who can I contact if I have questions?

If you have been invited to participate in the survey of children of the EriK Surveys 2022 and have questions about the implementation or content of the study, you are welcome to contact the infas Institute for Applied Social Science. If you are a director of a day-care centre, please use the e-mail address If you are a parent, please contact Alternatively, you can reach a contact person at infas during regular office hours under the toll-free phone number 0800/7384 500.


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