FVB DJI/TU Dortmund

FVB DJI/Technical University of Dortmund


The FVB DJI/Technical University of Dortmund was founded in September 2002 as a research facility of what was then the Department of Education and Sociology at the University of Dortmund. The aim of this research alliance (German abbreviation: FVB) is to carry out research and development projects as well as to provide professional development courses covering the areas of voluntary services, educational aid, family and early years support, child daycare, child and youth welfare work, and collaboration between youth welfare services and school, as well as personnel and training. The work of the FVB includes providing science-based services and advising on policy and professional practice at all federal levels.

The FVB was founded on the initiative of its director, Prof. Thomas Rauschenbach. Prof. Rauschenbach taught and researched at the University of Dortmund up until 2002 and has been active as the Director of the German Youth Institute (DJI) in Munich since then. The FVB provides an institutionalized framework for the ongoing collaborative links between the DJI and the Technical University of Dortmund. Both research institutions contribute their expertise and resources to the collaboration. A brochure is available here for download which provides a detailed overview of the FVB’s work; the website can be found at: www.forschungsverbund.tu-dortmund.de

Contact at the DJI in Munich

Deutsches Jugendinstitut
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TU Dortmund
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Forschungsverbund DJI/TU Dortmund
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