This department focuses on questions relating to the conditions in which adolescents and young adults grow up in Germany: what are favourable and less favourable life situations in terms of aspects such as income, education, health, social participation and access to welfare state benefits, including child and youth welfare services?

The department analyses the importance of developments in society such as the increasing pluralization and individualization of young people’s living worlds, processes of compression in the youth phase, demographic change and the intensification of social inequality, and how these impact on the young generation growing up. It also looks at the reactions of adolescents and young adults to these developments and examines how they deal with them: what attitudes, orientations, behavioural patterns and actions do they adopt in response to specific life situations?

Research projects on specifically defined subgroups of adolescents and young adults and the broadly based DJI study ‘Growing Up in Germany: Everyday Worlds’ (AID:A) provide the empirical basis for DJI research into life situations during adolescence.


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Deutsches Jugendinstitut
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Dr. Anne Berngruber
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