Research on children, youth and families

The German Youth Institute (Deutsches Jugendinstitut e.V., DJI) is one of Germany’s largest social science institutes focusing on research and development around the topics of children, youth and families, as well as the political and practical areas related to them.

The German Youth Institute is based in Munich with a branch office in Halle/Saale. Founded in 1963, the Institute employs around 170 academic staff members. Its supporting organisation is a non-profit association whose members stem from the political and academic spheres, as well as from other associations and institutions dedicated to the support of children, youth and families. Its institutional budget is primarily funded by the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ), and, to a lesser degree, by the German federal states (Länder). Additional financial contributions are made by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as part of the Ministry’s project funding, and by various foundations, the European Commission and institutions for the promotion of research.

The DJI is a non-university institute at the interface between various academic disciplines, federal levels, stakeholder groups, areas of the political sphere and practitioners. As such, the Institute offers practice-oriented insights from empirical research, the latest in policy consulting as well as research support and stimulus for practitioners. At the same time, it serves as an intermediary between science, policy, and practitioners.

At present, the German Youth Institute has the following research departments: Children and Childcare, Youth and Youth Services, Family and Family Policies, Social Monitoring and Methodology and the Research Unit “Youth Transitíons”.

The Institute’s overall work pro­file covers for distinct areas:

  1. Research on the living situations and development of children and youth, families, their cir­cumstances and the ways they live together, and the related public services and policies of education and social welfare
  2. Development of solutions to problems related to the public services in the Institute’s fields of work: providing stimulus to poli­cy-makers and practitioners, cre­ating educational material, best practice databases, handbooks on practical methods as well as implementation concepts.
  3. Policy consulting for the federal government, the federal states, local authorities and the European Union, particularly in the fields of child, youth and family policy, and in the related areas of education, health and justice.
  4. Services for third parties in the form of practical and specialist consulting as well as accompany­ing and implementation research in the aforementioned fields and information provision for the (aca­demic) professional public, practi­tioners and the media.

Traditionally, the German Youth Institute has served as the executive office for the expert commission in charge of compiling the German federal government’s Report on Children and Youth and is also involved in the National Reports on Education.

The German Youth Institute conducts international research projects, participates in international conferences, fosters contacts with international researchers and expands existing research collaborations.

For the benefit of policy makers and practitioners, as well as for the  public at large, the Institute regularly provides updates on its current research activities and results. Made available online, these updates include reading tips, monthly online topics, interviews and event-related information. The DJI has a wide range of publications including its quarterly magazine, DJI Impulse with an annual English-language edition, books published by the Institute’s in-house publishing company, book series through external publishers and a wealth of informational material from research and development projects including brochures, DVDs, etc.

The English website of the German Youth Institute contains selected items from its German website. The aim is to give an overview of the institute. Additional information is available at the respective German pages. The English web site will be expanded continously.

For international enquiries, please call the German Youth Institute, International Relations, +49 89 62306 194, or send an email to